Wood Decay Fungus

Wood Decay Fungus and Home Moisture Control in Knoxville, TN

  • Moisture can be a problem in any home, even yours,¬†and can lead to wood decay fungus.
  • Johnson Pest Control’s 4-step process to fungus and home moisture control.
  • Fungus can only grow where moisture contents are high enough to support the environment for life and growth.

Step 1- Identifying Wood Decay Fungus in Your Knoxville Home

Johnson Pest Control will start by taking moisture readings in all wood members subject to attack.

  • home moisture control pest control knoxville tennesseeIt is very important to separate mold and mildew from wood decay fungus. Mold and mildew require only 16% to 18% moisture to live. Even though mold and mildew do not structurally damage wood, they will cause wood members to become more absorbent, which can allow moisture levels to reach critical levels of 26% to 28% or higher. Once these levels occur, decay fungus can set in.
  • Normal: 10-18%
  • Mold or Mildew: over 20%
  • Wood Decay: 28%

Step 2- Foundation Ventilation

Foundation¬†ventilation can be critical in limiting the amount of moisture accumulating in your crawlspace. Johnson Pest Control can determine the need to increase your crawl space ventilation. It is estimated that the soil of a crawlspace 30’x60′ can release nearly 40 gallons of water vapor per day.


Step 3- Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

moisture barrier vapor barrier termite treatments tennesseeMoisture Barriers are intended to prevent the moisture vapor from entering crawlspace area. The moisture barrier is usually compromised of sheets of 6 millimeter polyethylene (plastic). The sheets are laid in rows over the soil. The edges of the sheets are overlapped and tapped to form a continuous barrier that will trap the rising moisture. In most locations, the barrier is placed only over the soil and secured with weights. In some regions, the barrier is continuous over the foundation wall and secured to the sill plate.

  • Effectively decreases water vapor build up.
  • This vapor barrier is carefully installed over 75 – 80% of surface area in your crawlspace to prevent water vapor build up.

Step 4- Eliminate Wood Decay Fungus

Johnson Pest Control Borate Solutions

  • Kills wood decay¬†fungus on contact
  • Helps prevent future fungus growth should moisture levels fluctuate.wood decay fungus treatment termite treatment pest controlBora-Care Wood Treatment

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