Healthy Home Protection Plan

Guaranteed Home Pest Control Plan for Your Knoxville, TN Home

Ask us how we can save you time and money with our CONVENIENT Healthy Home Protection Plan. Our Guaranteed Every Other Month Perimeter Defense Program can offer you long-term protection at a lower cost than regular monthly home pest control service. With the use of baits, pest sensors and long-lasting, time-released microencapsulated products, this will be your best defense against invading pests.

knoxville, tennessee pest control companies bug exterminator Ninety percent (90%) of your home pest problems come from outside. Our Every Other Month Perimeter Treatment provides positive control with the most effective professional products available, eliminating the need for monthly service. This will save you time, since residents are not required to be at home during this application and any exposure to materials is minimal because it ‘s done outdoors. With our Healthy Home Protection Plan, if you need service for indoor house pests, just call for an appointment at no additional charge.

It’s just that simple!

There are four important steps to our Pest Protection Program:

Step 1

bug exterminator termite treatments pest control services Knoxville, TN Your initial home pest control treatment will get rid of up to 90% of certain pests inside of your home, such as ants and cockroaches. Then Johnson’s Injection System enables pinpoint control to place the treatment directly into cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies, where pests live and breed, for maximum exposure to pests and minimum exposure to people and pets. Of course the first & second time treatment will include our outside perimeter treatment as well.

Step 2

pest and termite inspection bug exterminator pest control servicesWe treat the inside of your home a second time to eliminate any adult pests that escaped the first pest treatment and offspring (eggs) that have recently hatched. We will also identify and seal minor points of entry where pests get in from outdoors and recommend actions that you can take to prevent pests from returning.

Step 3

termite prevention pest control termite treatments bug exterminatorWe treat outside your home for pests with our Perimeter Defense Program, which creates a protective barrier around your home that helps keep pests from re-entering. Many indoor pests originate outdoors and that is why we developed our Every Other Month Perimeter Defense Program, to keep unwanted pests out of your home. This stage of Johnson’s pest and termite treatment is so convenient that you may never have to be at home to let your technician inside.

Step 4

We maintain the protective barrier around your house. The treatment products we use will break down over time due to rain, sunlight and other environmental conditions. So we fortify the barrier every 60 days to ensure maximum protection.

COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, or your money back. If you are not fully satisfied with our service, we would like the opportunity to resolve your concerns. We’ll return and diligently work until the problem is solved. If the problem can’t be solved to your satisfaction, we will refund your last service payment.

In review of our program, our first and second month home pest control services are back to back to ensure positive control. Then, every other month treatments will ensure results, eliminating the need for monthly service. This saves you time and money!

With a strong commitment to Environmental Stewardship, New Technology and Integrated Pest Management, backed with over two decades of experience, Johnson Pest Control is dedicated to bringing the latest technology to you, our customer.

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