Mole Treatment & Removal

Mole RemovalHow to Remove Moles

Many homeowners struggle with how to remove moles from their lawn. This is where Johnson Pest Control can help utilizing mole bait designed, developed and scientifically proven to kill moles.

Until recently, lawn mole control programs were relatively ineffective. A lack of scientific data on mole behavior, biology and physiology and, consequently, a shortage of legitimate products, seriously hampered attempts to remove moles.

Our Service Technician will evaluate the mole activity and locate all primary runs, exploratory runs and deep tunnels. Moles use/create tunnel systems as the means to locate food.

Assessment holes will be evaluated to determine the active areas before any mole treatment bait is placed in the tunnels. Once the best place for baiting is determined, the mole bait will be placed in the tunnels and the holes, use for assessment will be left open for evaluation of bait performance. The bait used will not harm lawns, flowering plants, trees or shrubs. We do ask that pets be kept out of the treated area for at least 24-48 hours. The risk of a pet coming in contact with the bait is very small, since the bait is always applied underground, but its presence can reduce the effectiveness of the mole treatment.

Mole TreatmentProven Effective Lawn Mole Treatment

The  mole treatment capitalizes on a mole’s physiology. In both field and laboratory tests, the bait achieved outstanding acceptance and control. One treatment contains a lethal dose and can kill moles in 24 hours.

Mole Bait Mimics a Mole’s Natural Food Source

The size, shape and feel let moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, the earthworm. Special enhancers ensure immediate attraction and excellent bait product acceptance.

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