What Does a Bed Bug Inspection Look Like?

Bed Bug Inspection | bed bug on a probe stickFrom time to time we get asked what a bed bug inspection looks like. The nature of bed bugs presents homeowners with a whole other level of concern that many bugs do not. Bed bugs can feel dirty and psychologically intrusive it is hard to admit to them. Even harder can be to let a stranger come into your home and start peeling away layers of a room in order to find the nasty pest. Those un-easy feelings are not lost on us.

Early Detection

Bed bugs can be very difficult to spot even to the trained eye, especially in the early stages of infestations (a few eggs or bugs). If the infestation is still centered around a piece of luggage or clothing it could make an inspection difficult as well.

There are still a few actions that might be implemented to detect bed bugs in their early stages. Sticky traps that are used for other bugs can be placed around a room in order to capture some bug activity. Capturing bed bugs in this manner is consider more by chance, so using this method to detect the presence of bed bugs works, but it is not a good tool to determine if you have eliminated a problem. Bed bug monitors, placed under the bed or bed posts, can be placed around the bed in order to determine the presence of bed bugs. Mattress and box spring encasements can be placed around a bed in order to help detect an early infestation. Mattresses and box springs provide ample places for bed bugs to hide. This makes inspecting them tedious. So putting on an encasement can help by taking away the hiding places for the bed bug. If you try these on your own then be sure to contact a pest professional as soon as you come to some conclusion, or are curious if what you have found is a bed bug.


The various sizes to bed bugs during their life cycle can make visual detection very difficult.

Visual Inspection

Initially our pest professionals will perform a visual inspection of the room/s that you suspect to have the presence of bed bugs. This visual bed bug inspection is not the most reliable, especially for the earliest of infestations, because of all the places that a bed bug can hide. Couches, mattresses, box springs, walls, etc. are all areas that have countless cracks and folds that allow a the bed bug to hide in. Finding a few bed bugs in here can be tough. However, a visual inspection is usually the starting point to determining a problem. Upon arrival a pest control technician specialized in bed bugs will use a flashlight, magnifying glass and possibly some tweezers to search possible hiding spots. They will more than likely peel away sheets and look under furniture in order to get a thorough a visual inspection as possible.

If a visual inspection turns up negatives then our pest professionals will put in some of the early detection monitors and mattress encasements. As mention this will help in determining if there is the presence of bed bugs that were too hidden, or too small, to see visually.

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Just as you’ve seen service dogs sniff out drugs or bomb materials there are dogs that are trained to sniff out bed bugs. A canine bed bug inspection can be less intrusive to your furniture set up but if they alert to an area a visual inspection of that area will follow.

When you call in for a bed bug dog inspection the handler will prep the room a little. This prepping is just to give the dog some places to clue onto. This might be opening a drawer or peeling back a few sheets, nothing major. The dog will sweep through the entire room (or house, building) sniffing just about everywhere possible. If they pick up the scent of a bed bug they will alert the handler. This alert is usually a sitting down behavior, but it could be a bark or some other behavior they are trained to do. If a dog alerts to a bed bug the handler or accompanying professional will perform a visual inspection at that point.

Our pest professionals will not treat an area until we have a visual confirmation of bed bugs. Bed bug dog inspections are great, but they are not 100%. A dog can miss the scent of a bed bug or alert to a false positive. If no visual identification was made from a dog alert we would put into effect one of the aforementioned early detection practices before moving forward with a treatment.

What Is In a Bed Bug Treatment?

Once we have been able to identify bed bugs within your room, home, building, etc. then we will work with you on isolating the areas and prescribing a mix of heat and chemical treatments to the bugs. Heat treatments are the most effective practice in killing off bed bugs, but it is also the most time consuming and expensive. This is why we want to make sure the bed bug problem is there before start.

If you are in the Knoxville, Sevierville, East Tennessee region and want to talk more about bed bug services we are happy to talk through those with you.

What You Really Need to Know

What we know you will find with us at Johnson Pest Control is that dealing with a bed bug concern is very personal matter for you the home owner. We always conduct ourselves in the highest professional and private manners. Our people are committed to solving your problem and returning your mind to more important things in life.

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